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Warwickshire consumers are warned to beware of rogue companies masquerading as genuine insurers or utilities.  

A Warwickshire resident received an unexpected phone call from a business she believed she already had an insurance policy with to cover a household appliance. The caller told her he was calling to renew the policy and claimed that the business had changed its name – this was not true it was a completely separate business.

In a similar case a consumer believed she was speaking to her broadband provider Sky when in reality she was talking to a completely different trader who was trying to sell her insurance for her Sky devices costing almost £250!

Never discuss any insurance policy or service provider contract with a cold caller,  If you believe the call to be genuine, phone back on a publicly listed telephone number.

  • Make a scam/rogue trader complaint to Trading Standards via the Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service website or call them on 034 5404 0506.
  • To keep up to date on scamming issues keep an eye on the Warwickshire Trading Standards Website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.
  • Sign up to scam alerts from Warwickshire County Council here.
  • Avoid rogue traders.  Use the Warwickshire Trading Standards No Rogue Traders Here approved trader scheme.