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The CHESS Centre recently played host to Warwickshire Police’s Cake not Hate Community Tea Party.  The event was held as part of Warwickshire Hate Crime Awareness Week, 14th – 21st October.

The event took place on Monday, 16th October, from 10.00am to 12.00pm, on the first floor of the CHESS Building.  PC Justin Rai and PCSO Tracey Simpson (from Nuneaton North Safer Neighbourhoods Team) came along to make people tea or coffee, serve them with a tasty cake and talk about hate crime.

Police constable Justin Rai told us, “Hate crime awareness is very important as today’s communities are more diverse than ever and anyone of us can be affected.   We are hoping to raise awareness that hate crime affects the whole community and is everyone’s problem.

“If anybody has been the victim of a hate crime, knows somebody who has been a victim or knows of a hate crime committed then they can either report it to the police directly or speak to someone from their local Safer Neighbourhoods Team.  The Team are always around this area and often call into the CHESS Building.  You can also report it online at www.reporthatenow.com, the new Hate Crime website for Warwickshire.”

The new Hate Crime website provides information and advice on hate crime alongside a portal which enables the public to report incidents in Warwickshire.  The site has been developed in conjunction with Warwickshire County Council, Warwickshire Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner and EQuIP (Equality and Inclusion Partnership.) The site also provides customised support for victims and witnesses to help ensure that they get the help they need more effectively.

Hate crimes come in all sorts of different forms and are directed against a wide variety of sections of society.  You don’t have to be the intended victim to report it, anybody can report a hate crime.

PCSO Tracey Simpson added, ” If we stand together against hate crime then we are stronger, however if you’ve been worn down by harassment, bullying or fear and don’t have the strength, that’s what we, the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, are for.  We are here to stand up for you.”

If you missed the Tea Party, don’t worry, there will be another one on Friday, 20th October, 10.00am in the same place.  Come along and get a cuppa and a delicious cake. 

If you are the musical type then a Hate Crime Awareness single, produced by singer/song writer Jordan Charles and ‘The Voice’ singer Letitia George, has been launched called Love, Instead of Hate (Give it a Try.)  The video for the single can be seen on the Warwickshire County Council You Tube channel  or can be streamed onto your mobile device from most streaming services.

Research has suggested that 3 out of every 5 hate crimes goes totally unreported, so let’s increase reporting in Warwickshire.