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What is civic pride?  Civic Pride means the individual efforts of all of us which collectively lead to an improved sense of community, well being and the outward improvement in the appearance of the area we live in.

Civic Pride relates to many different things we can all do:

  • It is the way we behave – are we friendly, polite, cheerful and helpful?
  • It is where we live – are our gardens, houses and parking spaces neat and well kept?
  • It is our participation in the community – are we caring and respectful of our neighbours?
  • It is respect for our surroundings – do we care for the environment by disposing of litter correctly, do we dispose of household furniture correctly and do we take care not to damage communal spaces?

Sounds like a good way to live doesn’t it?  With everyone pulling together to make their community a happier place to live, in a great environment and with the best neighbours.

Unfortunately not all areas are like that.  As we know all to well in Camp Hill there are some areas where problems in the community, such as anti social behaviour make life unpleasant for all of us.