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If you live in one of the properties in the new build areas you probably have a court yard with a car parking space adjacent to your house, either at the back or at the side.

Your lease or tenancy agreement will allocate you either one or two car parking spaces. If you are a tenant you will need to confirm with your letting agent or landlord which space is allocated to the property you reside in.  Whatever your situation you may only park one vehicle in each parking space that is allocated to you.  You may NOT park in any parking space that is allocated to someone else.

Please remember the parking courtyards are NOT places for children to play games, storing furniture or dumping rubbish.

Residents are required to make sure that all houshold refuse is disposed of correctly.  You will need to make sure that your refuse is bagged up properly and placed in the bins provided for you (in the bin area.)  This is an important issue as unwrapped refuse whether it is in a bin or dumped on the floor of your courtyard attracts vermin such as rats.  All bins must be placed out for collection in the correct allocated space on collection day.  Never keep your bins in your courtyard or parking area.

Please remember you may not park on bin collection points at anytime.

If you are having problems with your courtyard please call Scanlans on 012 1711 8866.