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Model maker extraordinaire, Mr Stephen Salisbury, is looking to catch up with his old friends from his childhood in Camp Hill.  He would love to catch up with his old pals and maybe get together for a chat or possibly some kind of celebration.

He told us, “My nickname used to be Solly or Sol and I lived in the second cul de sac off the right coming up Cedar Road from the Tuttle Hill end, with my mum and my brother Alan.  I had strawberry blonde hair in a crew cut and freckles.  I was, unfortunately, at the time known for lighting fires.”

Not anymore we hope Mr Salisbury!

“I went to Abbey Green Junior School and then Arbury High School.  Most of the kids on Camp Hill went to Abbey Green School, then when we went to high school we were split up between Arbury, Manor and Hartshill Schools.

“It’s been many years since we last met and I would love to catch up with them again.”

If you’re not sure if you knew Solly have a look below to see who he remembers:

  • Leslie Harrison – lived off Cedar Road, either Cherry Tree or Pear Tree Road.
  • David Reeves – lived down the first right turn off Cedar Road coming from Tuttle Hill end.
  • Patrick and Michael Thompson – lived down the first cul de sac off Cedar Road coming from Tuttle Hill end.
  • Leslie and Gary Varden – lived on the right hand corner at the bottom of Cedar Road.
  • Susan Gilbert – lived at the top of Cedar Road on the right.
  • Margaret Osbourne – lived on Willow Road.
  • Ray Bates – lived on Cedar Road.
  • Michael, Paul and Doreen Swift – lived in a cul de sac off Cedar Road.
  • Johnathan Stern – wore glasses.
  • John Laverick

If any of the above is you and you would like to see Solly again please call the Pride in Camp Hill office on 024 7639 9093.  If you think you know one of the above, please show them this web page so that they can contact us and we can put them in touch with Mr Salisbury.

If you remember Camp Hill back through the years and would like to share your memories with today’s residents please call us on 024 7639 9093, email us at tracey.brookes@prideincamphill.co.uk or use our contact page.  We would love to hear from you.