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Are you struggling to make ends meet?  If the answer is yes, and your children were registered for free school meals before 14th July 2017, you may be eligible for food vouchers over the summer from  Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme’s Summer Support Scheme .

Funds for the scheme are limited and applications will be considered on a first come first served basis.  To apply call 080 0408 1448 or 019 2635 9182.

The Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme helps the most vulnerable residents in times of unavoidable crisis when they have no other means of help all year round.  It provides basic and essential help for food and energy.  This is provided either in emergency food parcels with three days supplies, or with credit for energy.  It is not a cash benefit.

For more information go to the Schemes page on the Warwickshire County Council website.  If you have a particular question or would like to apply ring the numbers above or email warwickshirelocalwelfarescheme@warwickshire.gov.uk.