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Are you a fan of Camp Hill News? Are you happy with the articles in Camp Hill News or do you think it concentrates on the wrong things?

Whatever your answers to the questions above you can get involved in producing Camp Hill News by joining the Camp Hill News Editorial Panel.  Camp Hill News is produced by Pride in Camp Hill but the Editorial Panel guides it’s direction.

The News comes out once a quarter and the Panel meets twice before each issue.  At the  meetings they discuss future articles, newsletter design and plans for the future of Camp Hill News.  They can also get involved in writing articles, taking pictures and monitoring distribution of the newsletter.  The amount a panel member gets involved is completely down to them.  The eventual aim is to make Camp Hill News completely community controlled.

If you think this could be something that would interest you call Tracey on 024 7639 9093 or email on tracey.brookes@prideincamphill.co.uk.  Everyone regardless of experience, skills or abilities is welcome.