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Ghosts of  Camp Hill

Camp Hill has a lot of local history, from the story of the families that lived in it’s Elizabethan style mansion built in the 1800s, it’s rich industrial past and the personal history of the many diverse residents that have lived here.  Many of the old residents have passed on, but have you ever wondered if….they’re still here!

Mrs Marion Stubbs

People who have lived in Camp Hill for some time may know of the supposed ghost of Stubbs Pool.  The ghost is generally believed to be Mrs Marion Stubbs (known as May) who lived in the aforementioned Elizabethan mansion, Camp Hill Hall, from 1880 till she died in 1926.  Stubbs Pool would have been Mrs Stubbs garden pond as at that time the pool and area around it were part of the Camp Hill Hall estate.

Residents have reported seeing Mrs Stubbs wandering around the pool or cantering around it on a horse, sometimes even riding the horse straight into the pool.  This sounds quite likely as Mrs Stubbs was known to be a keen horsewoman and the Hall had several stables and fields for paddocks.

One legend says the ghost of Stubbs Pool is a maid who had half her face bit off by a horse  but this is probably a distortion of an accident that happened to Mrs Stubbs when she was a girl.  She unfortunately had her nose bitten off by a horse when she was feeding it grass held in her teeth and the poor lady had to live the rest of her life with a wooden nose.

The Hall had a tree lined avenue leading past Stubbs Pool to the entrance to the Estate.  The entrance is marked today by the old gatehouse which is now a private residence (you can find the gatehouse on the corner of the junction of Camp Hill Drive and Camp Hill Road.)  Camp Hill Drive roughly follows the path of the original avenue.  Residents on the Drive have reported sightings of Mrs Stubbs, with some people even seeing her in their kitchen.  This isn’t suprising, as a keen observer of nature she spent a lot of time in the grounds amongst the expanding varieties of flora and fauna.

Local legend has it that Mrs Stubbs drowned in the pool however this is incorrect, she actually died from pneumonia in her bed.  Her body was taken to St Mary’s Church in Bowden, Cheshire, where she lies to this day with her loving husband Henry and only daughter Violet.

Camp Hill Hall was sadly demolished in 1936 and years later Camp Hill Working Men’s Club was built partly on the site.  Some club goers claim to have seen Mrs Stubbs on the premises patiently waiting to served at the bar, however other customers claim to have seen her impatiently serving herself.  Others claim to have heard energetic celebrations going on in the upstairs bar only to find, when going up there to investigate, a locked door and an empty room.

Have you seen Mrs Stubbs or any other ghostly visitor to Camp Hill?  Let us know by contacting us on the Contact page or pop in to see Tracey at the Pride in Camp Hill offices in the CHESS Centre.  We’d love to hear from you.

We would like to thank Charlie Moss and his nephew Jonathan Moss, author of the brilliant book Haunted Nuneaton,  for their help with this article.  If you would like to read Haunted Nuneaton you can get a copy from Nuneaton Library