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Stubbs Pool Monster Photo







What do You Think it is?

Local resident Charles Moss recently popped into the Pride in Camp Hill Offices to show us a photo that he took at Stubbs Pool, which when viewed revealed a surprising visitor.

Charles regularly walks around Stubbs Pool photographing the wildlife for his wife.  On a recent visit he was pleased to spot a mother duck with her 7 young ducklings.  He quickly snapped a photo and took it home to show his wife, who’s first words were, “What’s that there?”

Upon inspection Charles was surprised to see the wake of something large travelling past the ducks.  As can be seen on the photo the thing seems to be either submerging or emerging at the time due to the water it is displacing. Charles was dumbfounded as he had not noticed anything at the time.

So what do we think this thing was?  Was it the Camp Hill version of the Loch Ness monster?  Have a look at the picture above and let us know what you think.  Have you seen something similar or have you seen any other strange sights in or around Stubbs Pool?  Email us on tracey.brookes@prideincamphill.co.uk.