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Here at Pride in Camp Hill we were thrilled recently when we have an email from Mr Glen Lewis telling us about his childhood growing up on Camp Hill.  Have a look below to see Mrs Lewis’s memories.

“It was a pleasure to discover your website about the history of Camp Hill, it certainly brought back memories.  My name is Glen Lewis and I was born on the 1st February 1956 at 2 Ashwood Road.

“I was interested to hear about Steven Salisbury from Cedar Road  and his account of playing around Haunchwood Brick Works.  If he’s who I think he is he had a younger sister called Janet and their garden backed onto mine.  We used to play together and go to each others birthday parties.

“My mum used to work at Haunchwood Brick Works stamping the company name on each brick before it went into the kiln.  At the nightime she worked at The Pheasant pub in the off licence.

“One day me and my mate John Watkins, also from Ashwood Road, were playing at the brickworks, on top of the steep bank where they used to tip the ashes from the kilns.  We decided to run down this slope and see who could get to the bottom first, both jumping  at the same time.  We both had short trousers on and straight away we realised the ashes were still very hot but there was no turning back.  I remember us both screaming as our feet sank deeper into the hot ashes the further down we went.  I remember having a fear that it might get hotter and we would get stuck but we managed to get to the bottom.  As soon as we were free of the ashes we were running around yelling and screaming, trying to get the hot ashes off our legs and feet.  We had a laugh about it on the way home although I did get told off for coming home with dirty shoes.

“We eventually moved to 339 Cedar Road and I started playing around Stubbs Pond.  I knew the pool was dangerous but I was always determined to get to the island in the middle of the pond.  One day I acquired a small canoe and managed to get to the island, however no sooner had I stepped foot on it when this irate man started shouting at me to get off.  When I got back ashore he was going crazy.  After Cedar Road we moved twice more, once to 449 Queen Elizabeth Road and once to 2 Hawthorn Terrace.

“I left school and joined the merchant navy and travelled all over the world.  I visited many islands and countries, eventually becoming a captain at the age of 29.  After 20 years of sailing as a captain I became a marine pilot for the ports of Wisbech and Sutton Bridge and am now the senior pilot.

“I occasionally visit Nuneaton but one day I would like to drive around Camp Hill simply because I have so many memories of this place.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Mr Glen Lewis.