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Do you remember The Pheasant Public House in Sycamore Road? Pride in Camp Hill was recently thrilled to receive more memories of Camp Hill from ‘Old Campillian’  author of the poem featured on these pages ‘An Old Campillians Lament.‘  He told us:

“I remember (vaguely) The Pheasant being built into the side of the hill at the corner of Sycamore and Hillcrest Roads.  It opened in 1958 with it’s first and longest serving landlord Jack Sykes.  Jack was a portly chap who chain smoked Manikin Cigars.

“The Pheasant was instantly popular with the locals and was always well used, especially at the weekends.  Of it’s time, it was a purpose-built modern public house that boasted a bar, a lounge, a games room and light and airy toilets for both sexes.  There was also an off licence which was also a late-night sweet shop for the local kids.

“Also for the local kids (from late autumn and through the winter) the car-park became a comparatively safe playground.  We were always swinging from the guttering, climbing on the low level roof, climbing and walking along the walls.  The car-park was flood-lit and hardly ever used, so we had a ready made footbal pitch.  It was also a lucrative spot for penny-for-the-guying, much to the annoyance of the aforementioned Jack Sykes, who was constantly chasing us away.

“The Pheasant acquired the reputation of being a ‘rough boozer’ but this was predominantly from people who had never been on the estate, let alone had a drink in The Pheasant.  In my experience the clientele in The Pheasant were always welcoming and convivial.

“Over the years The Pheasant had it’s share of characters and regulars, the longest serving of those was one Eddie Marsden who was one of the first customers and I genuinely hope one of it’s last.  For 30 years or more, The Pheasant was one of the most important social centres on the estate.  I was saddened to hear of it’s closure.”


“I remember going to The Pheasant one New Years Eve in the early 1990s.  There was a man playing the organ and we had a great night.  The customers were really friendly with much chatting and laughing.”  Tracey, website admin.