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The New Year is here, so why not take the opportunity to clear out your medicine cupboard.  £300 million of NHS taxpayers money is spent every year on unused medicines that are thrown away. 

Over £150 million of the figure above could be saved by presenting medicine waste.  That could pay for 53 million extra prescriptions of medicines to help prevent heart attacks and strokes.  Medicines waste can be reduced if we all do the following:

  • Open your prescription bags in the pharmacy.  If your bag contains unwanted medicines you can return them to the pharmacist for re-issue to somebody else straight away.  Once you leave the pharmacy any medicines you return have to be scrapped.
  • Remember ‘don’t tick it if you don’t need it’.  Only tick items you need on your repeat prescription, the items will not permanently be removed, it will just be for that time.
  • Talk about your medicines.  You can ask your pharmacist to book a review or ask your GP practice to book you an appointment with their practice pharmacist.