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What does the Pride in Camp Hill Management Board do?

The Pride in Camp Hill Management Board formulates and safeguards the vision for the Pride in Camp Hill Project, agrees the Business Plan and sets the policy framework. 

The overall aim of the Board is to create a strong and vibrant future community in Camp Hill in partnership with residents and partner organisations. Since becoming a Limited Company in early 2001, the Pride in Camp Hill Board of Directors have continued to ensure effective delivery of the oveall aim in accordance with the the companies Terms of Reference.  

The Board normally consists of between 11 and 16 directors, 5 of which are local residents, 2 of which are local authority members, 1 is from the Homes and Communities Agency and 1 is the independent chairperson.  Remaining directors are sourced from partner organisations, local groups and local businesses taking into consideration the individual key aims of the project :

The project aims are shown below:

  • Physical – to facilitate and procure the physical development and regeneration of the Camp Hill area, whilst building on community strengths.
  • Social/Neighbourhood Co-ordination – to promote Neighbourhood Co-ordination which will ensure sustainability for the long term management of the area whilst followintg a targeted approach to tackling local priorities.
  • Stewardship (delivered by Scanlans Property Managment) – as Pride in Camp Hill Management Company to provide a range of services to residents and businesses within the new developments.
  • Economic Regneration – through training, enhancing employment prospects, growth of the local economy and community development.

The Resident Directors on the Board are nominated through Camp Hill Residents Forum.  Currently the Board has a full quota of residents members but if you want to find out more, call the Pride in Camp Hill Office on 024 7639 9093 or use our Contact page