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Phase 4 – Midland Quarry

The Midland Quarry site, off Tuttle Hill in Nuneaton, is a fomer quartzite and diorite quarry which extends to approximately 29 hectares betwen Abbey Green and Camp Hill.  It forms Phase 4 of the Camp Hill redevelopment plan.

Bought by British Coal in 1980 as a potential location for disposal of unwanted colliery spoil, the site was subsequently sold to Minivest Plc with the intention of creating a mixed use development.  Minivest then worked in partnership with   Warwickshire County Council, Advantage West Midlands (now closed) and Government Office for the West Midlands (now closed) to develop a business plan for the development of the site.

In 2005, however, the site changed hands again from Minivest to Smart Devlopements (Midlands) Ltd.  Nick Smart of Smart Developments subsequently sold the housing development area to Redrow Homes who went on to construct the Eliot’s View development that we see there today.

The new homes sit alongside the business area of the development which is home to 10 light industrial units, some of which are taken up by Arleigh International, Europe’s largest supplier of accessories and spares for holiday homes.  Arleigh’s prescence makes the  Midland Quarry site, along with the neighbouring Poole Road Industrial Estate, an attractive area for businesses to operate.

Providing access to the site, a new road network was established including an access road that serves Midland Quarry whilst directing industrial traffic away from residential areas.

The Midland Quarry site has been transformed to combine engineering excellence with the imagination of the private sector bringing about significant investment to this area of Nuneaton.

The project was also featured prominently in the Town and County Planning Association report on unlocking public land for housing supply.  The report highlighted the projects strong public/private partnership and the development framework which steered the development to what we see today.