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Camp Hill: The Past, Present and Future

Pride in Camp Hill commissioned artists Xceptional Designs back in May 2014 to develop an art project that, reflected, celebrated and explored the history, heritage and transformational change of Camp Hill in a durable and inspiring piece of artwork.

The result of the commision was the fantastic arches that can now be seen on the side of the Camp Hill Education, Sports and Social Centre (CHESS) building that runs along Copper Beech Road.

The artwork was jointly produced by Xceptional Designs, the community of Camp Hill and partner agencies by holding a series of workshops and consultation events.  The result was a plethora of suggestions and memories that combined together to produce the great artwork now in situ.

The arches are a must see, so next time you are in the Village Centre pop along and have a look.  For more information click here for a poster featuring the designs and explaining the thoughts behind them.