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With Halloween soon upon us Warwickshire residents are being challenged to avoid sending their pumpkin remains to a gory end buried in landfill.

Every Halloween one million pumpkins are sold across the country.  The vast majority of these are carved into lanterns with their contents being tossed into the bin without a second thought.  From that point their destination is of course a landfill site.

This Halloween, residents are being reminded that as well as using the shells for carving, they can also make use of the insides of the pumpkins to make delicious recipes such as pumpkin soup, pumpkin tart or even pumpkin lasagna.  The seeds can also be baked for a delicious snack.

Any bits of pumpkin that aren’t used can either be placed in your green bin wrapped in newspaper/a compostastable liner or added to the home compost bin where it will break down safely and help provide a nitrogen rich ingredient to make a nutritious compost for your garden soil.

Warwickshire County Council and Blackwall are continuing to offer compost bins at subsidised prices.  A 220 litre bin can be purchased for just £9.99 or the larger 330 litre bins for just £12.88 (plus £5.99 per delivery.)  You can also buy a second bin for half price.  Order online by visiting www.wcc.getcomposting.com or call 084 4571 4444 and quote reference WCC03L.

If you feel like taking on the pumpkin cooking challenge, try the Love Food Hate Waste website for some tasty recipes.

For more information on composting, food waste, your kerbside recycling containers or what can and cannot be recycled visit the Warwickshire County Council website