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Local resident and friend of nature, Sioux Watkins recently organised a clean up of Stubbs Pool.  She popped into the Pride in Camp Hill offices to let us know how it went.  She told us:

“We picked up 50 bags of rubbish from all around the pool and found 50 syringes, mostly when we dredged the pond.  We found all kinds of different things including mobile phones, bottle tops, plastic and glass bottles, dummies, abandoned duck eggs, a bike rack, tyres and a scaffolding pole.  The biggest issue, though, was the syringes which could cause all kinds of problems for the wildlife living in and around the pool.  The worst area was the corner of the pool near Camp Hill Drive.

“The path around the pool was in a pretty bad state as well with blown concrete making it difficult for wheelchairs and pushchairs to get round.”

Don’t forget, if you are passionate about Stubbs Pool Sioux runs a Facebook group called ‘The Guardians of Stubbs Pool‘.  All are welcome to join.

Please note if you are going to the Pool to feed the birds try to feed them bird seed instead of bread, as bread isn’t a natural food for birds.