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Your Green Bin

Your green bin is for food and garden waste. 

For more information on what items can be disposed of in your green bin take a look at the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council Green Bin web page.

Your green bin comes with a food caddy for you to collect food in your kitchen before putting it in the bin.  If you use your food caddy it is recommended that you use a liner made from a compostable material or newspapers (not biodegradable liners).  You can also put your food straight into the bin if you don’t want to bother with the caddy.

Only put bedding from herbivorous animals (eg rabbits and guinea pigs not dogs and cats) in your green bin.

What happens to items deposited in the green bin?

Your green waste is sent on to a heated giant composting facility and goes through a process to recycle it into rich compost which is then distributed to local farmers.